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Find balance, achieve goals and stay motivated.

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    Why Coaching?

    Coaching helps you make progress when your life has stalled

    Find Balance

    Coaching helps you find balance in a world where balance is hard to find
    Stay motivated

    Stay Motivated

    Coaching helps you stay motivated and focused when you want to give up

    Set Goals

    Coaching guides you to set achievable goals by putting realistic parameters around your goals

    Identify Roadblocks

    Coaching helps you isolate specific obstacles getting between you and your goals
    Who am I

    About Me

    David Barton About Me

    “I’m a Husband, Father, Christian and Kiwi by choice. I am also a cancer survivor – an event that really changed my life – some good, some not so good…”

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    Goal Setting for Success What you will learn How to set at least 100 open

    Recently I was inspired by the epic adventure of , the first man in history

    Have you ever wondered why the characters from the Netflix TV series “The Crown” are

    Recently I have been focusing on building more Resilience. I have found myself drawn to the

      Gaining Self Esteem is essentially about learning to love and appreciate yourself more.  Essentially

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    My Latest Courses

    Self Esteem Course homepage

    Build Greater Self-Esteem

    Six keys to help you shape a better opinion of yourself

    David Barton PhD

    4.4 ***** (23)

    1.5 Hours Total: 27 Lectures: 1 Course Book: Beginner

    Goal Setting and Achievement Course

    Goal Setting for Success

    Learn the complete process of setting goals and getting more out of life

    David Barton PhD

    4.2 ***** (4)

    1.5 Hours Total: 25 Lectures: 8 Articles: 11 Downloadable Resources: Beginner Level

    Goal Setting For Weight Loss Course

    Goal Setting For Weight Loss

    Learn a Goal Setting process to help you gain a healthy weight and maintain it for life

    David Barton

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    David Barton coaching profile

    When You ARE Ready to Get Serious with your GOALS

    This service is for those who want more than just sitting on the couch consuming videos...

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    What others have said about my work


    Nice short course. It helped me regain my lost confidence. Regaining confidence is a beautiful gift for me. Thank you
    Vinit Sonavane
    Udemy Student
    I know David as a good, energetic man, an academic, husband to his wife and father to his daughters that others including myself see as an example of how life can be done well.
    Andrew Moffatt
    Divisional Leader, The Salvation Army, Fiji.
    The instructor deliver his message so effectively and clearly. I love to use this technologies everyday Thank you so much
    Sritam Kumar Rout
    Udemy Student
    When you know someone and involved in the journey, the text jumps at you...Reading this life becomes very precious...Recommend this to anyone. Well composed and written...
    testimonial kevin
    Kevin Watson
    Dunedin, New Zealand

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